Franchise Law

CBL has the knowledge and experience to assist both franchisors and franchisees in navigating the complex laws, regulations, and agreements that govern the franchise relationship.  CBL assists franchisors in:

  • structuring their franchise system,
  • preparing their franchise disclosure documents and agreements so that they are specifically tailored to their businesses,
  • training franchise sales departments,
  • avoiding and negotiating franchisee disputes,
  • negotiating and preparing vendor and supplier agreements, and
  • enforcing their rights in litigation and arbitration.

CBL also assists franchisees in:

  • evaluating franchise agreements,
  • negotiating with the franchisor, and
  • enforcing their rights.

Sometimes a franchise program is not the most effective structure for business expansion, and a license or distributorship model is better suited. CBL is experienced in assisting clients with these alternative distribution models and can help clients avoid the legal pitfalls which might result from a license/distributorship later being found to be an “accidental franchise.”

Please contact CBL if you need assistance with a franchise, licensing, distributorship or other business expansion issue.

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