ContractsContracts are the foundation of business.  They set forth the expectations of the parties regarding the business relationship and the rights of the parties in the event of a dispute.  Depending on the particular transaction, particular terms may need to be included or excluded to properly accomplish the parties’ goals, comply with applicable laws and regulations, and avoid statutory defaults.  It is important to consult competent legal counsel both before you enter into a contract and before you take action that could implicate your contractual rights, such as termination.  CBL is pleased to assist its clients in preparing, negotiating, evaluating, revising and exercising their rights under a variety of contracts such as:

  • purchase and sale agreements,
  • consulting agreements,
  • non-disclosure and non-competition agreements,
  • vendor/supplier agreements,
  • construction agreements,
  • distributor agreements,
  • franchise agreements,
  • licensing agreements,
  • intellectual property and work for hire agreements,
  • promissory notes and security agreements,
  • commercial leases and
  • settlement agreements.

Please Contact CBL if you would like assistance with a contract.